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Alan B. Gross, Esq.


MEDIATION...The power of voluntary,

collaborative decision-making

I am an attorney, licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia and have 38 years of experience in the practice of Maryland Workers Compensation and personal injury law.

I am one of the founding partners of one of the most respected, experienced and highly successful law firms in Maryland that specializes in these practice areas - and others.

I have represented thousands of injured workers in Maryland over the last 38 years, primarily law enforcement, and have spoken around the state to interested groups on Rights and Responsibilities under the Maryland Workers Compensation law.

I have tried before a jury, over a hundred cases and have successfully argued cases, involving the Maryland Workers Compensation law, before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the Maryland Court of Appeals.

I have extensive experience in communicating effectively with counsel on both sides of a Maryland workers compensation and personal injury case and with insurance adjusters. I have served as chair of the workers compensation section of the Montgomery County Bar.

I am currently a member of the ADR Section Council of the Maryland Bar. Our committee is at the fore-front in providing guidance to attorneys in all areas of alternative dispute resolution and in their legal and ethical obligations.

I have very successfully mediated cases throughout Maryland and in D.C. for over 30 years by court appointment and private request. I have also successfully taken hundreds of hours of advanced training to keep current on the law and the process. That training continues.

I have been requested to serve as a mediator by both the Plaintiff and Defense bars - and I "travel the state" - from western Maryland to the eastern shore.

Over the past 3 years, I have mastered Zoom and hosted mediations almost exclusively via this platform. Zoom is preferred by all parties because of its ease of use and versatility. Significantly, ensuring confidentiality is a primary goal for each case.

I am a native Washingtonian, married to Barri for 47 years. We have two great kids - Jennifer and Michael. We're very proud that they are now highly successful in their careers. Long distance cycling is one of my passions - I have ridden my bike all over the country for charity causes. I also donate my spare time to Food & Friends in Washington, DC and other charities.

My Mission


My goal is to offer the most experienced, efficient and cost-effective mediation services available in Maryland and D.C. in the areas of law that I know best...workers compensation and personal injury.

My services will offer both parties their best chance to resolve the issues and the case in a

voluntary, collaborative, decision-making process - in person or virtually via the Zoom platform.

I conduct mediations within the guide lines established by the Maryland Mediation Confidentiality Act, by Maryland Title 17 for Court Referred Civil Mediations and within the guidelines established by the
Maryland Standards for conduct of Mediators, Arbitrators and other ADR Practitioners.

I am also committed to continuing my mediation training - ongoing.



Hosting via Zoom or Live!!

Why Mediation?

Why Mediation?

  • Mediation is a form of "Alternative Dispute Resolution" that provides an opportunity for the parties to meet face to face to discuss the facts, issues and their interests in a case. Mediation is cost and time effective and provides the parties with the best alternative to protracted litigation.

  • In this process, the parties voluntarily meet, with the assistance of a mediator to discuss the issues with full confidentiality, and with the goal of reaching an agreement to resolve the dispute.


  • The Mediator is a neutral third party who, without offering legal advice, assists the parties in resolving their dispute by facilitating the conversation between them, identifying issues, and exploring the needs underlying their positions so that they can, ultimately formulate their own agreement.

"An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration

and a ton of litigation."

-Joseph Grynbaum



Premier Mediation & Resolution Services, LLC
Alan B. Gross, Esq.

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What they say ...


"Mr. Gross is a consummate professional who is fully cognizant of the intricacies of the workers’ compensation system. His ability to discern and evaluate issues in these particular types of cases is, indeed, a benefit for all involved and essential to an effective mediation session. Mr. Gross is, simply, an asset to workers’ compensation practitioners and their clients and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a mediator."

Antonio R. Lopez, Esq.

Chief Trial Attorney

Schenker, Krause & Lopez


"I have engaged Al as a mediator on multiple occasions (probably greater than 25) over the past ten to fifteen years.  On every occasion, I felt Al did an excellent job, thoroughly reviewed the extensive materials I always sent over, and had a good rapport with both sides to enable us to try to resolve the matter. I highly recommend Al based upon his knowledge of workers compensation law and experience."


Bruce M. Bender, Esq.

Axelson, Williamowsky, Bender & Fishman, P.C.


"Al Gross mediated one of the most medically complex workers compensation cases I have handled, and was instrumental in bringing the parties together to settle this very difficult case. Al has the combined litigation and mediation experience and expertise, working knowledge of the law, ability to understand all sides of the case, and respect of the entire workers compensation community to make him an excellent mediator. I strongly recommend that employers, insurers and claimant’s counsel consider Al when choosing a mediator."


Michael L. Dailey, Esq.

Schmidt, Dailey & O”Neill, LLC


  • Hon. John W. Debelius, III - 240-777-9212

  • Alfredo J. Antezana, Esq. - 301-947-5858

  • Jonathan Beiser, Esq. - 301-298-1088

  • Bruce M. Bender, Esq. - 866-933-7963

  • Angela Garcia Kozlowski, Esq. - 410-230-1084

  • Antonio R. Lopez, Esq. - 410-559-2400

  • David M. Schoenfeld, Esq. - 202-712-7000​

  • Michael L. Dailey, Esq. - 410-783-1296

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

-Albert Einstein

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